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Welcome to HelpwithManagement

This site is for all those people who are engaged in the management of other people, irrespective of their job title.

If your job involves working with and managing any number of people, this site is here to help you.

About Help with Management

Help with Management is basically divided into two sections. The first covers the day-to-day running of things and the operational/functional side of management, whilst the second is more to do with the people element of management.

The guides appearing in the first section are written in a no-nonsense, simple, practical and pragmatic manner, and treat the basics and most important aspects of managing your way through the day. It deliberately avoids overly complex, convoluted management 'guru-speak'.

Everything you read here will give you a meaningful way of managing the area and people you are responsible for. Help with Management is written from a practitioner's point of view, not an academic's.

Whilst the bulk of the material concentrates on the management of people, there are operational elements too. The people dimension is easily the most difficult, and the articles contained within the second part of the site take into account all aspects - from the initial recruitment, through managing their performance, to dealing with those who are not delivering.

In addition, there is also information that deals with the functional side of the job. These include setting realistic objectives and managing projects. Whatever you might be interested in, or indeed, coming to terms with, there is something here for everyone.

Whether you are new to the role of managing others, or are maybe even considering moving into such a role, there is a fountain of valuable guidance here. On the contrary, you may already be in such a role and perhaps need a refreshing reinforcement, or even possibly an antidote to the clutter or confusion surrounding you.

Whichever the case, we not only wish you well with the hardest job of all within organisations, but we hope, in some small way, that we will have helped you along the way.

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